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All images featured in this Gallery and throughout our Website are images of projects completed by K.A.S Bathrooms  (i.e.  no stock images have been used)
Expert 'Tiling' Essential
You have purchased beautiful (and possibly expensive) tiles for your new bathroom.  To ensure the success of creating a beautiful bathroom, a qualified, experienced and skilled 'Tiler' is a must!
The planning of the tile layout, where the tile cuts are to be made and the laying of the tiles need to be perfectly aligned  -  a poor tiling job can completely ruin the overall effect of your new bathroom.
Choice of Vanity
When choosing a Vanity for your bathroom, you need to consider how much storage space you need or perhaps your priority is making your bathroom appear larger, hence having a vanity that is wall mounted to visually increase the floor space.
A beautiful range of sink styles are also available providing you the choice of a conservative style right through to a 5 star hotel appearance.
Showers  |  Wet Rooms
Correct procedures when applying waterproofing, sealing around shower screens and allowing for the right 'fall' to the drain area are all essential to avoid any problems in the future.  K.A.S Bathrooms ensure all procedures are carried out to meet the Australian Standards Guidelines and latest Building Industry Codes. 
Beautiful recesses can also be built into the shower area to use for storage of shampoos and body washes.
Bathtubs  |  Spa Baths
Even in the smallest of bathrooms, with experienced planning, a bathtub can be incorporated into the room.
K.A.S Bathrooms build framing structures over and above the Australian Standards Guidelines, to support the weight of a bathtub full of water, giving you peace of mind that there is no risk of injury to your family and no risk of damage to your home.
Toilet Area
As long as the toilet is installed correctly, pipework is neat (and in some cases, hidden) and the tiling around the area is beautifully laid, then a toilet area can look just as stylish as the rest of the bathroom.
K.A.S Bathrooms can advise the most suitable ventilation options for your bathroom / toilet area and importantly, we ensure that toilets and plumbing are installed to meet the Australian Standards Guidelines and latest Building Industry Codes.
Accessories | Lighting | Storage
Towel rails, mirrors, etc must be installed securely as well as flawlessly  -  a fine crack caused to tiling when installing an accessory is not acceptable and it takes experience and skill to avoid this happening.
K.A.S Bathrooms can assist with lighting suggestions (to avoid dark areas as well as creating beautiful effects to highlight certain features of your bathroom) and can suggest clever storage ideas to be incorporated.
KAS Bathrooms and Keith Strachan complete new bathroom renovations wet rooms spa baths laundries and disabled bathrooms on the Brisbane Northside

For an obligation free quotation, please contact Keith Strachan on Mobile Number 0400 880 224 or via the Contact Page.

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