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Design Experience

K.A.S Bathrooms can provide a ‘professional design’ for your bathroom and / or laundry due to over 30 years of industry experience.  This experience also enables us to foresee any possible issues (e.g. structural problems of the existing area).


Below are some examples of which K.A.S Bathrooms can assist you with advice on :


  • Fixtures and fittings  -  we can offer advice on reputable suppliers


  • Ceramic / Porcelain / Natural Stone Tiles  -  what is the best option for your bathroom requirement


  • Ventilation


  • Paints  (inbuilt mould resistant paints are a must with the humid Brisbane weather conditions)  -  we will advise on which areas should be applied as a semi-gloss, high-gloss or satin finish


  • Storage ideas  (particularly the best way to capture more storage space in a small bathroom)


  • Lighting requirements   (particularly if your bathroom area has a minimal amount of natural light available)


  • The best non-slip surfaces and easy clean surfaces

The Build Process

Step 1


During the complete build (from demolition of you existing bathroom to completion of your new bathroom), we will lay drop sheets to protect your floors from damage and to minimise mess.  This area will be left in a tidy condition at the end of each day. 


Step 2


Plumbing and electrical requirements will be completed in preparation for the fixtures to be installed.


Step 3


A primer coating is applied to the wet areas, followed by multiple coats of waterproofing membrane.


Step 4


Once the waterproofing has dried, wall and floor tiles will then be installed.  Grouting and silicone work is then completed.


Step 5


The remainder of the fixtures and fittings will be installed  (e.g. vanity and basin, shower screen, tapware, toilet suite, exhaust fan, towel rail holders).


Step 6


Your bathroom / laundry will be fully cleaned.

Step 1


Meet with you on site to discuss design ideas and measurements of the bathroom / laundry area will also be taken.  A 'Site Assessment' will be undertaken to ascertain if any asbestos material is present  -  if asbestos is found to be present, a Licenced Asbestos Removalist will be engaged to remove and dispose of all contaminated materials in accordance with Building Industry Codes.


Step 2


We will then provide you a written Quotation (approx within 7 days)  -  our quotation will include the removal and the correct disposal of your old bathroom fixtures and fittings (and asbestos if present).


Step 3


We will require, from you, the signed Acceptance of Quotation in which a Progress Payment Plan will be agreed to.


Step 4


Home Warranty Insurance (for jobs over $20,000) will be put in place by K.A.S Bathrooms.


Step 5


Payment of deposit monies (as per agreed Progress Payment Plan) is required before commencement of works.

The Paperwork Process
KAS Bathrooms and Keith Strachan complete new bathroom renovations wet rooms spa baths laundries and disabled bathrooms on the Brisbane Northside

For an obligation free quotation, please contact Keith Strachan on Mobile Number 0400 880 224 or via the Contact Page.

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